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Disney Princess Half Marathon 2013

After November 2012 shoulder surgery, I was under a “no exercise” request by my doctor. I figured I would go full-on training once I was cleared in January, but instead I went full-on couch sitting and noodle eating. SInce we ran three half marathons in 2012, I was confident I would finish in a somewhat respectable manner even with little training.<br />Steph and my plan was to run the first three miles and then lollygag and stop for every photo op imaginable along the way. Instead, we woke up to 98% humidity and 85 degrees at race start time. This combo with the previously mentioned excessive couch-sitting and noodle-gorging resulted in a very sickening experience. Being the great friend that Stephanie is, I insisted she, “Go on! Save yourself!” But instead she stayed by my side; both to make sure I finished safely and more importantly because, “I gotta see how this turns out! Getting this sick during a race is my worst nightmare!” Needless to say, we finished with our worst times on record, but when they slipped that giant, bedazzled medal around our necks, we forgot (at least for a moment) the heat, humidity and puking being palm trees!- Julia

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